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Team Building

Corporate team building activities and icebreakers are energizing events which combine fun interaction with a higher level of problem-solving, innovation and strategic planning. They are designed to enhance individual and team growth through experiences that have a strong connection to teamwork, trust and communication. All programs are tailored to meet your goals. Our Team Building events will strengthen the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets.

We offer the following team building activities amongst others:

Igniting Team Performance!
“Igniting Team Performance!” creates a positive, energized atmosphere where everyone participates throughout the event. Over the years, we have developed and refined dozens of team building activities for the workplace comprised of icebreakers, energizers, and problem solving initiatives. This program is a combination of the most impactful team and leadership development solutions in the industry. This unique combination of experiential activities enhances communication skills, promotes the bonding of teams and strengthens relationships.

Medal Games
This is a fun and engaging tournament combining high-energy competition with moderate athletic ability, allowing for full and active participation. After a group warm-up, your very own referee will preside over the games. With high-energy music and the stellar voice of the play-by-play announcer, teams will rotate through various challenges including Sack Race, Relay Race, Tug-of-War and more in an attempt to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals at the awards ceremony.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Have fun, strengthen relationships, and engage in friendly outdoor competition. We will custom design a Photo Scavenger Hunt for your group in any venue you wish to explore. Then it’s off to the races as teams set a course to important sights and landmarks while taking team photos, solving puzzles and gathering souvenirs along the way. At the final location, the laughter continues with a slide show of all the photos and prizes to the winning team.

Progressive Networking Events
This engaging get-to-know-you event incorporates a series of fun and challenging 10 to 15 minute icebreaker activities like Card Games, Chess, Scrabble, e.t.c which are conducted in small table group rotations. Truly speed networking at its best, this program is a fun and engaging way to strengthen bonds and encourage more open and respectful workplace interactions. It can be facilitated as a stand-alone program, but also works great when delivered during a dinner!

Back To School Sports Day
Some people say school days are the best days of your life. Our ‘Back to School’ sports day takes participants back to those fun memories with a fantastic, energetic team building activity. This activity involves full participation and silly behavior. The delegates are divided into teams and rotate through exciting ‘Back to School’ activities, to gain as many points as possible.

Challenge 100
How many of the 100 challenges can your team complete in the time limit? This team building activity is fast and furious and there’s no time for a tea break. Can teams succeed in making a ten–foot lego robot, will they construct a six–foot paper giraffe and can they solve the puzzling anagrams? With a choice of easy, medium and hard tasks… which will they pick?

Cupcake Challenge
In Cupcake Challenge, teams have the challenge of inventing and branding new cupcakes. With a selection of ingredients and tools to use delegates can try out a variety of types, colours and shapes to make their cupcakes unique! Teams have to create a brand for their cupcake, design and make the packaging, and finally come up with a successful advert that they must perform in front of the other teams!


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