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About Us

Silverline Events has steadily expanded to provide professional event solutions across the corporate and leisure market for large-scale, high value production events.

Our team is a family of around 10 dedicated, professionals who are experts in coming up with genius creative party ideas, remaining calm under pressure, and retaining a sense of humor at all times (an essential quality in the party planning industry).

We also have a comprehensive knowledge of venues across the country and a keen understanding of exactly what it takes to make a party rock. Most importantly of all, the team knows how to listen and provide a personal service.

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This is your party after all, and we are committed to making sure it meets your high expectations and even exceeds them where possible. It is here at Silverline Corporate Events where our passion and enthusiasm for what we do that makes us go the extra mile in order to create exquisite and luxurious events.

We are constantly thinking outside the box in order to create new and innovative designs for our clients. We like to keep current by staying on top of the latest trends in colours, wedding and special event decor, as well as coming up with our own unique and one-of-a-kind decor designs.

We take pride in what we do because it is our passion, and our dedication is what drives us to always push the envelope in the creative world of event decorating!

It is our fundamental goal to leave each and every client feeling delighted that they worked with Silverline perfect Weddings and Events to make their dreams come alive. After all, it is a privilege to be able to be a part of some of the most important moments in our clients’ lives.

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